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Windshield Replacement in Atlanta, GA

Windshield Replacement and Safety

Riding around with a cracked or busted windshield is never a good idea for long. It is unsafe and illegal. The windshield in your vehicle does more than just block the wind and bugs from hitting you in the face, it also helps to provide extra structual support to the roof in the event of a collision. The special laminated process, used to manufacture modern windshields, also provides a type of safety net for the vehicles occupants. If an accident occurs the windshield will prevent the passengers inside from being thrown from the vehicle and sustaining more injuries. This is one reason why laminated glass is also refered to as safety glass.

What is a Laminated Windshield?

Windshields are a laminated piece of glass. Two identical pieces of glass are bonded together with a vinyl interlayer to create one solid three-layer piece of glass. The vinyl layer in between the two layers of glass acts as a sticky web if the glass is broken, preventing small pieces from dislodging and causing injury. The laminating process creates an extremely strongThis same laminated process is used to manufacture higher-end car door glasses as well.